God’s Leading Ladies (GLL)


God’s Leading Ladies (GLL) Life Enrichment Program is replete with invaluable content, from leadership development to nutrition and wellness. The eight session program adeptly accommodates the needs of today’s busy woman, with programs offered at the Dallas campus, as well as online. With exclusive program offerings, including luncheons and networking mixers, women can connect with thought leaders and visionaries to glean insights that will inspire them to lead lives brimming with passion and purpose.

Throughout your journey to becoming one of God’s Leading Ladies, First Lady Serita Jakes and her dynamic team of instructors, mentors, life coaches, speakers, and community leaders will challenge how you think about faith, entrepreneurship, family, marriage, and more. Since the program’s inception in 2003, thousands of women from all socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities have discovered how to elevate their faith in God through this program. Subsequently, these women have realized their dreams as published authors to educators, and small business owners.

Additionally, God’s Leading Ladies is not just for women seeking to transform their lives as program participants. The enrichment experience would not be complete without the support of sponsors, speakers, and volunteers. If you’re interested in sponsorship, starting a chapter at your civic organization, and/or other opportunities to contribute to this phenomenal experience, please contact The Potter’s House at 214.623.4102 today.

To participate in this eight session program, you’ll need to register. For additional program requirements and general information, please contact The Potter’s House at 214.623.4102 or email us at gll@tdjakes.org.