Personal Sponsorship

Every year we purposely establish a fund that is filled by a generous heart such as yours. A fund that answers the dreams of hundreds of women who have all the initiative and promise needed to enter into the leadership program; however, they lack the financial resources.

A generous gift of $350 will provide a full scholarship for one of these ladies, and a gift of $700 will be a double blessing in the lives of two such candidates! Your gift of any amount may just be what one lady needed to clear that last obstacle, or perhaps even enter through a door that has yet to be opened for her. To this end, we are counting on you to count your blessings in the thankful hearts of God’s Leading Ladies.


Corporate Sponsorship

The generous contributions of corporate and philanthropic sponsors have positively transformed the lives of thousands of women through the God’s Leading Ladies Life (GLL) Enrichment Program. A heartfelt return and tangible reward is richly given back to such sponsors through a clearly established structure of gratitude and thoughtful benefits. For more information on becoming a GLL sponsor, please email us and we will send you a complete package of the GLL Sponsorship Program.